Thursday, 14 March 2013

We All Have Our Bad Days

Yes, we do all have our bad days, and mine was doubtlessly yesterday.  I was short-tempered, grumpy, unmotivated and exhausted.  I was also slightly overwhelmed by the arguing of my children and the state of my house, but I'm sure my bad mood exasperated that.  Oh, and I tried this PGX Slimstyx thing in my glass of water and I almost barfed when I took it.  Slimstyx are just not for me.  That's for sure.

I have decided to just let it go.  To forgive myself for my snappiness and put a smile on my face today.  After all, I did manage to join a site called My Fitness Pal to help me track my food and exercise.  Of course, every time I track my food, I spend the day freaking out about what I'm eating and obsessing, causing me to eat more.  Regardless, I managed to eat the proper amounts (except sugar by a tiny bit, which I was at my limit after hardly anything.  I'm amazed by how sugar hides in all of these foods!).

I also managed to exercise, albeit not for as long as I have been.  That pain in my leg was extreme and my walking buddy/eldest daughter was home sick, so I did half of my walk.  Still, I'm proud that I went out despite my horrible mood.  And truth be known, I didn't feel as grumpy when I returned home.

I have come to the realization that I really do better if I have a walking buddy.  My daughter, suggests routes and keeps track of our walk on her handy dandy pedometer app on her phone.  She says, "Let's just go down there and back before going home", when in my head I was planning on going home.  It's hilarious really, because she is REALLY inactive.  Like, seriously.  She hates exercise.  So this walking buddy thing is really benefiting both of us.

I weighed myself first thing this morning and I was down another pound and a half, but I hadn't eaten anything, so I don't know how reliable that is.  I am determined to just keep at it.  Even if I have a bad day where I eat the wrong foods (Let's ignore the popcorn at the movies on Tuesday) or don't get enough exercise like yesterday, it doesn't mean that I have failed, it just means I am human.  As Scarlett O'Hara said, so eloquently, "After all.....tomorrow is another day."

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