Wednesday, 20 March 2013

To Weigh or Not To Weigh, That is the Question...

Earlier this week, I decided that I would no longer do a daily weigh-in, but instead weigh myself weekly.  This decision is driving me crazy!  I keep wanting to check and see if I have made any progress!!  The decision to no longer weigh-in weekly is because depending on what exercise I have chosen to do, I actually can gain weight.  For example, I always am up a pound after a kettleball workout.  I have read that this is normal, so I'm okay with it, but still seeing the number go up, is not reassuring to a struggling person like myself.

I really am proud of the fact that this inactive, weak person, with no desire to exercise, has turned into someone who has exercised every day in the past two and a half weeks (except for Sunday, when I was incredibly ill and could barely move).  I feel stronger, and I don't get out of breath anymore doing simple tasks.

I think that if I weigh myself weekly, then I will be able to save myself from fretting over the small stuff.  Now, hopefully Friday's weigh-in will reflect all the work that I have put into reclaiming my body and my health!

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