Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Found My New Shoes!

I went shoe shopping today for a good shoe to replace my old running shoes.  I had thought that I would get a pair of fitness walking shoes, but the salesgirl at the New Balance Store recommended a pair of "neutral" running shoes instead.

I initially tried on and almost bought the 1080 (above), which was perfect for me, except that it really pinched the top of my foot.  Apparently, I have a high instep.  I loved how light weight it was and the heel felt amazing (the heel is the problem with my current running shoes).

I then tried on another shoe, whose model I can't recall.  This shoe fit perfectly on the top, but my heel didn't feel quite right. If only I could have blended the two shoes together!

I was so close to getting the 1080, when my lovely salesperson, who was so helpful, suggested the w890v2.  Well, my feet were in love the moment I put them on!  Of course, after walking around the store, my pesky top-of-foot problem re-emerged.  Hmmph.  I was not happy, but I was shown a different way of lacing the shoe which helped relieve pain to that specific spot.  The only problem left was that the store didn't have it in the colour that I wanted.

The pair that I tried on was a fluorescent pink colour, which isn't really to my liking. It seems as though others in the Ottawa Area have the same admiration for the grey/purple version (above, though the shoe looks nicer in real life), as all of the stores were sold out in my size.  So, I am currently waiting on a pair from the New Balance Warehouse.  Let's hope that they arrive quickly!

To Weigh or Not To Weigh, That is the Question...

Earlier this week, I decided that I would no longer do a daily weigh-in, but instead weigh myself weekly.  This decision is driving me crazy!  I keep wanting to check and see if I have made any progress!!  The decision to no longer weigh-in weekly is because depending on what exercise I have chosen to do, I actually can gain weight.  For example, I always am up a pound after a kettleball workout.  I have read that this is normal, so I'm okay with it, but still seeing the number go up, is not reassuring to a struggling person like myself.

I really am proud of the fact that this inactive, weak person, with no desire to exercise, has turned into someone who has exercised every day in the past two and a half weeks (except for Sunday, when I was incredibly ill and could barely move).  I feel stronger, and I don't get out of breath anymore doing simple tasks.

I think that if I weigh myself weekly, then I will be able to save myself from fretting over the small stuff.  Now, hopefully Friday's weigh-in will reflect all the work that I have put into reclaiming my body and my health!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Getting Back on The Horse

Day 2 post-kettlebell workout from Hell and I can walk a bit better.  Stairs and sitting down on (or getting up from) the toilet, are my nemeses.  But, I am able to walk a tiny bit better. And if I press on my legs, beneath the layer of fat, I can feel muscle, but it isn't as hard as rock like yesterday. Progress, I say!

I decided to get back on that kettlebell horse and do the workout again.  Granted, the Dead lifts and squats were definitely not as low as they were in workout #1. That would be impossible.  I did manage to do the workout twice, so I was proud of myself.

I, also, dusted off the ol' Tony Little Gazelle and did 20 minutes on that.  I didn't want to go outside and walk because  a) it's cold outside and I really don't want to walk in the cold today and b) Walking Buddy was helping out at a birthday party, so I didn't have anyone to walk with.

I went to a cool website called which has a nifty little Fat Burn Tool to calculate calories burnt during different activities.  Based on their numbers, a 25 minutes moderate Gazelle workout is equivalent to an hour walk.  So, I plan to add some gliding to my fitness plan on the days where I don't actually feel like leaving the house and walking.

Next week, I need to work harder on a meal plan.  I seriously failed in the food department this week, and given the fact that tomorrow is St.Patty's Day and will be filled with yummy stew, shamrock shakes and a beer or five, I won't fret about the food/drink until Monday. I'm still proud of myself, though.  I really can't believe that less than two weeks ago, I never exercised at all.  Like, at all.  AT ALL.  This two-week challenge has made me realise that I can put myself first and that I actually can do things that I didn't think I could, if I set my mind to it.  And that's much more rewarding than the 3 pounds I have lost so far.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Kettlebells are NOT for Wimps

I am a wimp.  Seriously, I can barely walk today.  And don't get me started on the amount of pain involved with trying to either stand up or sit down.  It's insane.

Yesterday, I bought myself a kettlebell.  It was a pretty light one by kettlebell standards - a mere 10 pounds (4.5 kg), but MAN those are 10 pounds of hell.  After the workout, my legs felt shaky.  Walking was a bit unsteady, so I stayed seated for awhile.  Then we went to the Museum for 3 hours, so I leisurely strolled around there, though I did get a bit of a workout on those stairs!

By the end of the evening, I felt fine.  I even made sure to do exercises during the commercials to try and up my exercise time for the day.

Then, I woke up this morning.  I should not have moved.  At all. The pain was excruciating.  I thought that it would get better, but honestly, I think that it has gotten worse.  My thighs feel gigantic. My plan is still to go out and walk, but I seriously doubt that I will be able to even go around the block.

Of course, when I'm not in so much agony, I will probably try out that Kettlebell again.  I might be a wimp, but I'm awfully stubborn!

Update: I managed to walk!  It was so cold out that I couldn't feel much pain after my legs froze, we walked about 2km, which is much better than I thought I would be able to do :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

We All Have Our Bad Days

Yes, we do all have our bad days, and mine was doubtlessly yesterday.  I was short-tempered, grumpy, unmotivated and exhausted.  I was also slightly overwhelmed by the arguing of my children and the state of my house, but I'm sure my bad mood exasperated that.  Oh, and I tried this PGX Slimstyx thing in my glass of water and I almost barfed when I took it.  Slimstyx are just not for me.  That's for sure.

I have decided to just let it go.  To forgive myself for my snappiness and put a smile on my face today.  After all, I did manage to join a site called My Fitness Pal to help me track my food and exercise.  Of course, every time I track my food, I spend the day freaking out about what I'm eating and obsessing, causing me to eat more.  Regardless, I managed to eat the proper amounts (except sugar by a tiny bit, which I was at my limit after hardly anything.  I'm amazed by how sugar hides in all of these foods!).

I also managed to exercise, albeit not for as long as I have been.  That pain in my leg was extreme and my walking buddy/eldest daughter was home sick, so I did half of my walk.  Still, I'm proud that I went out despite my horrible mood.  And truth be known, I didn't feel as grumpy when I returned home.

I have come to the realization that I really do better if I have a walking buddy.  My daughter, suggests routes and keeps track of our walk on her handy dandy pedometer app on her phone.  She says, "Let's just go down there and back before going home", when in my head I was planning on going home.  It's hilarious really, because she is REALLY inactive.  Like, seriously.  She hates exercise.  So this walking buddy thing is really benefiting both of us.

I weighed myself first thing this morning and I was down another pound and a half, but I hadn't eaten anything, so I don't know how reliable that is.  I am determined to just keep at it.  Even if I have a bad day where I eat the wrong foods (Let's ignore the popcorn at the movies on Tuesday) or don't get enough exercise like yesterday, it doesn't mean that I have failed, it just means I am human.  As Scarlett O'Hara said, so eloquently, "After all.....tomorrow is another day."

Monday, 11 March 2013

5K Monday

Today is Day 8 of my Two Week Walk Challenge and we managed to walk 5K!  Unfortunately, I was so busy on Saturday and was gone all day, so I missed my walk that day.  Regardless, I am proud of myself.  On Day 1, I felt breathless.  That is not the case anymore.  I am finding it easier and have increased my walk time to an hour.

Today's walk was so much better than the other days because I actually wore my running shoes!  All last week, I wore my LLBean snow sneakers, that don't zip up properly (I have a high dorsum - I had to look up that word!).  Now, my running shoes used to be great in their day, but now they are 10 years old and in need of replacing.

This is the shoe I am thinking of getting.  It is the New Balance 860 . It is a Wellness/Fitness style of walking shoe, according the the website, so it seems appropriate.  My last shoes were also New Balance, but I'm not sure what type they were!

ANYWAY, my walk was not as painful today.  Usually, I am in agony in the muscle/tendon above my ankle.  It is still a little tender, but I figure, I have been wearing the wrong footwear for a week, so I obviously pulled something.  Not only, did I not have to stop to put snow on my leg to alleviate the pain, but I was able to walk faster.

The other positive thing today was that I weighed myself and I had lost one pound! Woot!  I'm on my way to losing 2 pounds by Friday, and 6 by Easter.

Baby steps.  This will be my motto for now.  Baby steps.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Reality Check Friday

Hmmm. I'm feeling a little blue.  I decided to weigh myself.  Don't know what exactly came over me, but for some unknown reason, I momentarily thought it was a good idea.  You know, to get a start weight.  The number that I saw was startling to say the least.  I think that the last time I weighed myself was around Christmas.  I have gained about 6 pounds since then.  I'm the heaviest right now, than I have ever been, I believe pregnancies included.  WTF?  How did this happen?

I need to fix this.  Like, starting NOW!  My goal is to lose that 6 pounds by Easter.  Now, that is around 3 weeks, so I would have to lose 2 pounds per week.  Which is very reasonable, though I'm not sure how to make that happen.  First things first, pour that second glass of water and attempt to make a meal plan that includes a few more healthy choices.  Not that I deliberately make unhealthy choices, but a) without a plan, we are more likely to eat processed food, which is not the healthiest of choices, and b) I don't like fruits and veggies.  Not much anyway.  For the time being, V8 will be my new best friend.

Wish me luck!

Two Week Walk Challenge - Day 5

Yes, it's already Day 5 of my walk challenge.  I hope that Ann is enjoying her lovely walks down in Florida, because walking here has not been an easy feat!  Seriously, I was so happy to hear that the weather would be mild, thinking that it would be beautiful weather to walk in.  True, it is nice to walk in such weather, but the problem is that there is a huge amount of puddles the size of lakes and still plenty of ice to slip on.

Oh well, like I said, the weather is beautiful.

I have enlisted a walking buddy.  Much to her chagrin, my eldest daughter, was recruited! It actually only started because, I was forced to walk at night on Day 2, so she came along, so that I wouldn't be alone.  I must admit that walking with someone is so much easier.  Chatting away seems to make the time go by faster. Not to mention, I have someone to grab onto, when I am about to slip.

I am really proud of both of us.  Days 3 and 4 worked out well, because we just have been leaving a half hour earlier to pick up the younger ones at school.  Which is another added bonus - my children are walking home, since I am no longer rushing at the last minute to pick them up at school.  Of course, this has only worked because Daughter #2 has not needed a lift home from school on those days.  Hopefully, after the March Break, the sidewalks will be less puddly and she can start walking home too.  Though I'm sure that will meet with a bit of resistance!

Today, my goal is to leave 45 minute before the end of school; I think that it is time to increase my walking time.  I am also going to start drinking that water.  Like, right now.  Ready, Set, GO!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Two Week Walking Challenge - Day 1

I was out on Friday night with my friend Ann at an Ottawa Valley Moms event - a dinner at a beautiful restaurant called Rare.  She was saying that during her 2 week Florida vacation (which starts today - lucky duck!), she would be walking daily.

I promised her if she would walk, then so would I.  You see, though I want to start being active, I never quite get to doing things.  You just have to take a look at my dusty yoga and pilates DVDs to see the evidence of this.  I figured if I was accountable to somebody else, then I would be more likely to do something.

Well, I am happy to say that I have successfully done my Day 1 walk! It was cold and the sidewalks were icy, but I did it anyway.  My left calf was hurting like an SOB, but I persevered. Yes, that is just how out of shape I am, a brisk walk caused burning pain.  Whatever.  I did it and I'm proud of myself.

Now if I could only manage to drink 8 glasses of water a day.....

My Inaugural Post

Welcome!  This blog has been started to track my progress in becoming a healthier, happier me.  In other words, finding that inner Tiffany that I know is in there beneath the unhealthy exterior.

My hope is that by sharing my successes and struggles that I will better be able to be the person that I want to be, both inside and out.