Friday, 8 March 2013

Two Week Walk Challenge - Day 5

Yes, it's already Day 5 of my walk challenge.  I hope that Ann is enjoying her lovely walks down in Florida, because walking here has not been an easy feat!  Seriously, I was so happy to hear that the weather would be mild, thinking that it would be beautiful weather to walk in.  True, it is nice to walk in such weather, but the problem is that there is a huge amount of puddles the size of lakes and still plenty of ice to slip on.

Oh well, like I said, the weather is beautiful.

I have enlisted a walking buddy.  Much to her chagrin, my eldest daughter, was recruited! It actually only started because, I was forced to walk at night on Day 2, so she came along, so that I wouldn't be alone.  I must admit that walking with someone is so much easier.  Chatting away seems to make the time go by faster. Not to mention, I have someone to grab onto, when I am about to slip.

I am really proud of both of us.  Days 3 and 4 worked out well, because we just have been leaving a half hour earlier to pick up the younger ones at school.  Which is another added bonus - my children are walking home, since I am no longer rushing at the last minute to pick them up at school.  Of course, this has only worked because Daughter #2 has not needed a lift home from school on those days.  Hopefully, after the March Break, the sidewalks will be less puddly and she can start walking home too.  Though I'm sure that will meet with a bit of resistance!

Today, my goal is to leave 45 minute before the end of school; I think that it is time to increase my walking time.  I am also going to start drinking that water.  Like, right now.  Ready, Set, GO!

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