Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fifteen Pounds!

I have officially lost 15 pounds! Can you believe it?!

With my birthday looming around the corner, I am hoping to lose a pound and a half this week.

I had been exercising religiously and then I fell down the stairs, which hampered my ability to work out for over a week. Of course, I have found that losing weight is secondary to the changes that I am seeing and feeling in my body. I feel stronger and fitter, which means more than the number on the scale (but I really want that number to go down too).

On the inside, I have been just plain grumpy. I'm hoping that the Christmas spirit will soon take over and cheer me up. I think it's because I feel very unorganized this year. Should have cruised through the holidays with Flylady. There is still time to get out of this Scrooge-y mood!

The challenge will be to not indulge too much over the holidays. All that yummy food and mouth is watering just thinking about it! That reminds me, have you had your water today?

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