Friday, 10 January 2014

Setting Goals

Now that it is 2014, it's high time that I set some new goals. I have recovered from my tumble down the stairs and the holiday gluttony/season is over. Time to crack down on my healthy eating and exercise. (See Confessions of a Social Butterfly for a description of my wonderful evening) 

Of course, I write this entry the day after a huge eat-fest at a fancy restaurant last night, but technically that was a belated Christmas dinner, so I am filing that under holiday gluttony. 

Goal #1 is to restart my exercise program on Monday. 

Goal #2 is to lose two pounds by my son's birthday at the end of the month (going for 5 by Valentine's Day). 

I figure if I eat sensibly, exercise regularly and set realistic goals, I can whittle musket down quite a bit by my cousin's wedding in May. I really want to wow all of the relatives! 

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